Jason R. Carrete

About Me

Hi, I'm Jason. I am a computer programmer with a particular interest in systems programming and communications. I studied computer science at Drexel University and minored in electrical engineering. I have always been fascinated by electronics and how they work so naturally, these subjects interest me. I am a proponent of open-source software and Linux is my primary system (I use Arch Linux btw 😁).

As a hobby, I like to tinker with electronics. I also maintain a personal server — a repurposed Windows Vista desktop — I now call servo. I use it for hosting occasional game servers for my friends and for learning about system administration on linux. Thankfully, working with computers is mostly free whereas electronic components and equipment are definitely not. When I'm not in front of a computer, I will often be playing instruments. In order of proficiency, I play the drums, guitar and piano.


  1. Using a Raspberry Pi 4 as a Webcam